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Moon Work - What Phases are Best for What?

For millennia the Moon has held significant spiritual connotations for many people from many walks of life. From early tribal people to the neopagans of today, the moon has special, significant power that can be used to help us deal with our daily mundane and spiritual lives. In ancient cultures there were often deities specifically tied to the moon, such as Diana or Selene in Greek mythology as an example. Even as time has progressed mankind has had certain beliefs, superstitions and ideas about the moon phases and cycles. Ever notice how everyone thinks “the crazies” come out around the full moon or how it seems to make animals act wilder? These ideas are just one of the superstitions/old beliefs...

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Ostara from Goddess to Sabbat

Ostara is officially the beginning of Spring in many places around the world and is actually referred to as the Spring Equinox by many outside of the Pagan community. The name Ostara comes from the name Eostre, which was the name of an ancient Germanic Goddess of fertility and is considered a parallel to the Norse Goddess Freyja. Eostre was so revered amongst Germanic tribes that she remained steadfastly worshipped - or at least honoured- during the spring month and during the spring festivals and feasts well into later years, long after other pagan gods and goddesses had been replaced by feasts for Catholic saints and the like. It’s believed that Christians of the time who were spreading their own...

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Grounding, Centering, & Psychic Body Preparation

Practicing magick puts you in contact with the “other”. Sooner or later, as you progress along the path, you will attract the attention of various entities/spirits/beings/etc. Some of them will be benign, others not so much. However, for someone who is new to the practice, it’s hard to tell the difference between what is “you”, and what is “not you”. That is why it is important to really know how your own energy and thought patterns sound and feel. One way to learn this information about yourself is to cultivate a regular practice of grounding, centering, and psychic body preparation. In addition to a physical body, we all have a psychic body, sometimes referred to as an astral body, an...

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