20 Original Amazing and Unique Wiccan / Pagan Tattoos From Around The World

Your body is your temple. Our team at CthulhuCoven has looked far and wide for some of the most amazing pagan / wiccan tattoos around. Look at this amazing collection of Ink Tributes and Amazing Tattoo designs.



Stunning Faerie Star Pagan Thigh Piece 

Large Horned God of The Hunt Shoulder Linework Tattoo ( Original piece on one of CthulhuCovens Staff!) 
Book Of Shadows Crystal and Lavender Tattoo by m.facebook.com/Blackmarkettattoos

Dot-work Triple Goddess 


Stunning Blackwork Witch n Cat - Model -  @floralandfadedhippy Tattoo Artist  @rissassippi 

Elegant Wicca Spine Tattoo



Pentacle Dear Skull Chest Tattoo

Witchy Flash Sheet From Brea Lanyon https://www.brealanyon.com/

Amazing Full Color Back Piece Wiccan Goddess Tattoo

Insane Pentacle Mandala Tattoo By http://www.sacredgallows.com/
Realism 3d Pentacle Gray-scale Tattoo  
Abstract Moon Witch Leg Tattoo 
Beautiful Moon Goddess Tattoo By www.boomiebones.com
Athame dagger with hemlock, www.nemesistattoo.co.uk
A unique place to keep your crystal...
Amazing Blackwork Witch on a Broom By laurajohnsontattoo@gmail.com
Breathtaking Wiccan Hand Tattoo by deadmunchst@gmail.com www.Deadmunchst.com

Amazing Blackwork Thorn Pentacle By @ThePlasticCrown


Beautiful Goddess Athena Pagan Thigh Tattoos 

Beautiful Goddess Blackwork Wiccan Skull Floral Tattoo (CthulhuCoven's High Priestess )

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Blessed Be! -CthulhuCoven 

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  • Steve

    Those are some really cool tats!

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