Moon Work - What Phases are Best for What?

For millennia the Moon has held significant spiritual connotations for many people from many walks of life. From early tribal people to the neopagans of today, the moon has special, significant power that can be used to help us deal with our daily mundane and spiritual lives. In ancient cultures there were often deities specifically tied to the moon, such as Diana or Selene in Greek mythology as an example. Even as time has progressed mankind has had certain beliefs, superstitions and ideas about the moon phases and cycles. Ever notice how everyone thinks “the crazies” come out around the full moon or how it seems to make animals act wilder? These ideas are just one of the superstitions/old beliefs behind moon phases.

But how can we harness these phases for our own lives? What phase is good for what? Here is a short guide to moon work and the phases to help you in your own personal practice.

New Moon

New moons are when the moon phase just begins. As a result of the “new beginning” feeling of a New Moon, this is the perfect time for work relating to new beginnings of all kinds. It’s ideal to set intentions and structure for the month ahead, to begin new projects and to create an outline for yourself. You can meditate on this new idea during this time, helping to create the perfect foundation for it.


This time is when the moon is growing in size and brightness and is an ideal time to also grow your ideas and commitments. As the moon grows in strength, it’s perfect for “growing your ideas”, taking action and taking steps to allow you to see through your plans and ideas to fruition. This can involve making phone calls to prospective clients, employers, doing up your CV or resume and the like.


The full moon is all about completion and fruition. This is when you can either do full spellwork to help bring about a desire or wish or you can spend time meditating under the full moon and soaking in its powerful energy. This is a great time to collect moonwater - a great addition to any magical working - through setting out a glass bowl, jar or bottle and letting spring water sit in the moonlight overnight. Put out crystals, tarot cards, tools and more to catch the light and be cleansed.


The weakening moon means that this is the ideal time for magic and spells or meditations that deal with removing or lessening influences from your life, such as changing jobs, relationships and the like. Use this time to wind down projects and to begin to prepare for your restful time at the dark moon.


Traditionally the dark moon is the period of about 3 days before the new moon and is a perfect time for rest and reflection on the month prior about spells that worked, didn’t work and how well you managed to see through your intentions set at the last new moon. Be sure to take some time for yourself and to take a long bath and just relax!


A rarity, blue moons are the occurrence of two full moons in one calendar month. This can be an auspicious time to do spellwork that needs a huge oomph of energy or special strength behind it. Do spells on the blue moon or collect blue moon water for those extra special spell needs.

So if you’re planning to start spellwork or you have already been doing so for awhile, this little bit of information about moon phases and their strengths should help you greatly to manage your spell plans for the month ahead. 

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